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Player Representation

Getting Players to the Next Stage of their Career

How Do I Know If I Need a Player Advisor?

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest level of quality representation to each and every player that we advise. We understand that each player is unique and has different goals, and we are committed to catering to the specific needs of each individual and helping our players reach their desired level of success.

What is International Player Advisors?

International Player Advisors is a fee-for-service advisor group that aims to manage players throughout their hockey journey and guide them in choosing the correct pathway for their future athletic endeavours.

What's Included?

This full-service program will include a personal advisor for the year who will provide a comprehensive list of services to support the hockey players we advise. These services include but are not limited to game feedback from scouting and video sessions, frequent phone check-ins, parental access to advisor, communication and coordination with the player’s coach, help with player profile/resume, access to various training camps, and team placement for the player for the following year.

What Happens Next?

Our players will be placed all over North America. Placements can occur in various AAA leagues across Ontario, USHL, NAHL, OHL, OJHL, NOJHL, CCHL, GOJHL, BCHL, AJHL, NCDC, and NCAA

What Else Is Included?

All our players will receive discounts on certain products (i.e. equipment, supplements, and apparel).  Additional services can include nutritional planning, on/off-ice personalized training programs, physiotherapy, and access to a sports psychologist.

Our Advisor Services

Our Advisor Services include, but are not limited to:


For more information or to secure your advisor, contact Laura at:

Phone: (416) 786-1187

Email: iplayeradvisors@gmail.com

Socials: @iplayeradvisors

Accepted Payment Methods: E-Transfer or Cheque